BlockbuskerTelevision is a weekly cable TV series at the vanguard of a creative renaissance featuring performances and interviews with Bay Area buskers, and video clips from some of the best buskers from around the world.

         Watch and discover the untapped treasure trove of magnificent talent destined for greatness.

         Say you saw it first on Blockbusker TV.

         The Buskdriver mobile unit production team and follow the exploits of Richard Scherer, the charismatic driver of a new music movement emerging from the creative destruction of the SF music scene.

          Each week our roving reporter seeks out sensational street performance pioneers on the cutting edge of the uncharted new music frontier. We show you trailblazing buskers, the unsung heroes who help make history happen by sharing the spectacular beauty of their virtuoso artistic genius with the world.

            BTV presents the latest news about the critical cultural conditions, with eyewitness accounts of current events as we work to bring you complete coverage of the crisis, including exclusive commentary by ourdistinguished panel of experts.