The Blockbusker documentary tells the story about the slow rise and sudden fall of the live music market in San Francisco. It's an objective analysis that brings to light the hidden crisis in our creative community. The subject has all the attributes of a classic film, including educational insight, political intrigue, emotional drama, and artistic inspiration.

          This cinematic study traces the historical source of artistic atrophy and examines how changing socioeconomic conditions continue to adversely impact the current state of the art. We probe every angle leaving no stone unturned in search of answers to explain the root cause of the crisis and why it remains such a vexing dilemma. Our quest for truth reveals the origin of the demise and the dire consequences if we fail to intervene.

        While apathy and ignorance plunge society on a downward spiral into an artistic abyss, the emergence of an underground bevy of Bay Area buskers and a burgeoning new movement to resurrect the lost art of music from oblivion and launch a cultural renaissance.

     The film is a game-changer that presents a thought-provoking wake-up call that demands attention.